ADC Lent Pole Showcase

On 26 February 2019 , CUPS hosted their 3rd pole dancing showcase in Cambridge and the first ever showcase at the ADC Theatre.

If you weren’t there, you definitely missed out! The showcase aimed at removing the stigma that surrounds pole dancing, and showing its true colours as an expressive, beautiful sport and dance style. We had a range of performances aimed at highlighting the different types of pole dancing, including: lyrical pole, pole sport, exotic pole and pole theatre. Routines ranged from beginners to advanced and included solos and duets. We even took you back to the very origins of pole dancing, with a Jurassic Park inspired routine.

Pole dancing is a highly eclectic and impressive sport and dance style and the show gave each of our performers the freedom to express themselves in the manner in which they saw fit. Routines were choreographed by the students themselves and it’s hard to believe how the cast members are not professional dancers! Just your ordinary, everyday students performing extraordinary gravity-defying feats on stage. Simply mind-blowing and inspiring.

A big thank you to Laure Talarmain, Helen Llambias Maw and Ruby Coates for organising the event. Additional thank you’s to Jaime Hidalgo our Stage Manager and James Drummond our Stage Technician, as well as all the tech helpers and pole cleaners. Our showcases are always a team effort and would not be possible without all of you!