Oxbridge Varsity 2019

The winning team!

Sunday 5th May, Oxford University Pole Sport hosted the inaugural Oxbridge Pole Varsity Competition 2019, with Oxford Pole Sport, CUPS and Anglia Ruskin Pole Sport as competitors. It was an amazing event, with a friendly atmosphere and many great performances.

CUPS had 11 performers there on the day, at least one person for every category. The performers were:


  • Nia Griffiths
  • Rose Ng
  • Kate Barber


  • Laure Talarmain
  • Camila Giuliano


  • Natalie Singhal
  • Cloé Legrand


  • Katy Bielena


  • Helen Llambias-Maw, Annabel Arnold, Alexandra Souly, Kate Barber

Each performer had their own style and delivered on the day, and we are very proud of all of them. Whether it was Rose’s slow and expressive routine to The Night We Met (Lord Huron), Camila’s hip-shaking routine to Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You, Cloé’s dramatic and strength-filled routine to Run Boy Run (Woodkid), or the light-hearted and fun Jungle Book group routine, there was a lot of talent on display.

Especial praise goes to those who placed: Rose came third in beginners and Nia second, Natalie came third in advanced and Cloé first, and Katy came second in semi-pro. We are especially happy to announce that CUPS came overall first in what was a very close match! Overall the event displayed all those things which make pole such a great sport and a welcoming community, and we look forward to hosting next year!

We are very grateful to Oxford for hosting this great event, it was a credit to them and University pole competitions in general. See you next year!